I’m watching you…

This is a test. I have decided to experiment with Google Analytics, just to see what kind of traffic my blog generates in relation to: projects I have participated in creating, classes I am teaching, books I have written and other things…

So, if you’d like to play, and perhaps earn me a bonus at work, check out these links:

My Metalsmith Essentials Basic Fabrication DVD can be found here:

My Metalsmith Essentials Riveting and Cold Connections DVD can be found here:


My Jewelry Maker’s Field Guide Book:


Thanks for playing…


About Helen Driggs

Metalsmith, Teaching Artist, Writer, Maker of things. Former Senior Editor of Lapidary Jewelry Artist Magazine View all posts by Helen Driggs

2 responses to “I’m watching you…

  • sandi2908

    Helen I like your work so much that I have already bought all your dvds, books, anything I can find on what you teach. I am new to jewelry making and I have collected all the tools, I think, as well as the flex shaft you recommended your students to buy! I just need to jump in and try it! Kinda scared that I will not like what I produced!

  • Mary Alex

    Helen, happy to click your links via your blog. I already own all these DVDs and your books … use all of these frequently as resources. Thank you for all your work in putting your instructional materials together.

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