To my Readers and Subscribers:

Thanks for your support. I have been asked by my employer to discontinue posting to my private blog because having one is against our new company policy. I regret that this is so, however as an honest and committed employee, I understand and obey their directive. If that directive changes, I will let you know…

Be sure to visit jewelrymakingdaily for up to date IWP news, and feel free to email me at the magazine. It’s been great, and thanks for reading. May the gods of metal smile upon you!


About Helen Driggs

Metalsmith, Teaching Artist, Writer, Maker of things. Former Senior Editor of Lapidary Jewelry Artist Magazine View all posts by Helen Driggs

8 responses to “Adios!

  • Linda B

    We will miss your personal posts, but will “see” you on jewelrymakingdaily!

  • Marie Westbrook

    😢 I hope your blog will return.

  • Shirley

    well, I just don’t understand that….sad news.

    Oh well, I will continue to look forward to any columns you do etc……

  • Jim Dailing

    Oh Helen….. This news is just sad on many levels. As a fellow metalsmith and educator I have enjoyed your post’s insights and personality for quite a while now. I understand the reasoning behind your employers requests, but it is a real loss for many. Be well, keep making jewelry and I look forward to hopefully seeing you in Tucson this Feb. By the way I will be presenting for MJSA this year… so stop by if you can and let’s have a margarita! Jim

  • susanc

    What a shame. I will miss your blog posts, as I have really learned a lot from them. I hope that your employer will change their mind, as your posts are so informative and helpful and to lose them is a real shame. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experience with all of us!

  • Chris Cantwell

    While I follow Jewelry Making Daily (and love your posts there), I always look forward to this slightly different perspective and will miss it.

  • tand1silver

    Really enjoyed reading your blogs, will miss them, but will follow on Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Keep up the great work, it’s inspiring.

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