There is no try

I just finished a fun teaching stretch at BeadFest Philadelphia for two fully loaded “Rotary Tools Demystified” classes. My students were super, and very eager learners. I think/hope they left with full brains and the courage to use their Dremel (and other) tools fearlessly. That’s really all any teacher can hope for.
As a teacher, it is fun seeing your students enter somewhat cautiously at the beginning. After a class, and due to a little guided practice, I truly love seeing them swagger (tiredly, but happily) out of the room — all fired up to use the new things they just learned in the class. Often, as a teacher, all I need to do is stand by mindfully and get someone to take action. Like Yoda said, “Try. There is no try. Do. Or not do.” It’s like setting a spark and watching a fire kindle and grow. Awesome. And, so gratifying.
So, thanks, students! You totally rocked it, and your courage gave me the courage to submit more teaching proposals for next year.
See you soon…
Todays tip: Is straight from my Rotary Tools Demystified handout: Next time you stay in a hotel, grab one of those thick little hard bars of soap they leave at the sink. It makes a great in-a-pinch lubricant for your steel burs.


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