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I think if I had unlimited resources I would be a perennial student. Now that my life is my own again, I opted for a metals workshop, of course. This past weekend I had a great time with the fantastic Andrea and Chuck Kennington of NC Black Co. Not only did I catch up with my Pa. Goldsmiths cohorts, I spent the day learning, hammering, soldering and creating all sorts of complex and mind-boggling micro shell forms with the awesome tools NC Black has designed and manufactured for just that purpose. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the tools from NC Black here: — but don’t go yet…

I really can’t say enough about what a great teacher Andrea is. She is talented, giving and so modest. This hard working metalsmith, jeweler and educator has spent the past few years developing and growing a thriving tool company from the ground up — traveling a grueling schedule back and forth across the country several times and stopping at schools, studios and arts organizations all along the way to teach and spread the word about her company. She is a hero.

I loved catching up with my friends at PSG, catching up on all the news from Andrea’s travels, seeing the things her students have been up to, eating takeout sushi and Wawa hoagies, and mostly, mostly remembering what “normal” is for me, plain old ordinary Helen the metals student. I have been recharged by the experience, and it has given me the energy to teach in turn this coming weekend at Bead Fest Spring. Talk about passing the torch!

So now, go check out the tools from NC Black Co. here:

And if you have the opportunity to take a class with Andrea and Chuck, jump on it. They are the best.


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