Jewelrymaking on a deserted (almost) island

Yes, it is possible to make jewelry on a Pacific island. I just found a goldsmith here on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, and plan to speak to her in depth later in the week. Especially about how she keeps her beautiful rolling mill pristine and rust free during the rainy season, when I can’t do that without lots and lots of work — in the temperate zone!
More to come soon. Keep your fingers crossed everybody — maybe I can get my boss interested in a story about the trials and tribulations of metalsmithing in paradise. Hmmm…


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2 responses to “Jewelrymaking on a deserted (almost) island

  • tand1silver

    I hope you can talk them into it. I’ll support your idea, I’d love to learn more about rust removel. Have fun

  • Ariana Garrido

    Hi Helen,
    Ariana here – the jeweler in Santa Cruz, Glpgs. I was trying to contact you through email but for some reason they’re bouncing back. I hope we can catch up while you’re here.
    Feel free to call me on my cell phone or via facebook. We can go out for a coffee or something, catch up in my workshop, my house – whatever is convenient for you.
    Thanks for making contact and hoping we can meet up. My English is basic, but sure we’ll get by – or my husband can help out (he’s writting this for me!).
    Ariana Garrido

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