Cats out of bags

OK. Quick hit blog. I am so sorry I haven’t written in months.

I have a legitimate excuse — I have been writing a book on metalsmithing for nearly a year and the manuscript has been mostly delivered. At the current time, I am fabricating sample objects like a fiend, and readying the studio for the arrival of my brilliantly talented colleague Jim Lawson, who will be shooting the photos.

Keep checking here. I didn’t bail on you, I have just been too, too overscheduled. I wanted to make a book I can be proud of. So far, so good….


About Helen Driggs

Metalsmith, Teaching Artist, Writer, Maker of things. Former Senior Editor of Lapidary Jewelry Artist Magazine View all posts by Helen Driggs

3 responses to “Cats out of bags

  • tand1silver

    You do well. Like the work you do.

  • monte e jones

    take your time darling, we only go around once, got to enjoy it while we can.

  • carla kuhn

    what a gracious thing to do helen!! keep us readers in the loop!! there’s no way you can rush thru the fabrication stuff needed for the pics needed for your book, b/c then nothing will be up to your standards! stay focused on your book and getting the whole “tamale” wrapped up as you want it. speaking for myself, my projects are on my bench…some are accumulating brain space time (on my part) so i can figure out how to finish the artistic statement i started. some stuff just can’t be rushed. i’ll be here, keeping an eye out for your return! in the meantime, git ‘er done!

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