Back from Eden: Tucson Gem Shows, 2011

Beadwork at African Art Village

It was freezing in Tucson this year, but I needed to go. Seeing the stone rough, jewelry, gems and goods there helped me get my head on straight, realign myself with my compass and resolve to make some new work. I’ve been blocked for a while now, but thanks to a visit to the bitter and windy cold of the American southwest, the cacti, mountains and open space, I am home once again. I’ve promised myself to write here at least once a week. Hold me to it.

Todays tip: Check your hammer heads every week while your studio heat is on. Soak the wood handles in linseed oil by slathering it on with an artist’s paintbrush near the wedge. Brush on as much as the handle will take. This will keep the hammer heads tight and condition the wood enough to prevent cracking, or worse, losing a hammer-head mid-strike.


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